‘It's our level of care that sets us apart’ - Lisa Thomson, Senior Partner

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Alice England | Osteopath

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Alice started off as a Nurse before her interests diverted to Osteopathy. She obtained her qualifications from Victoria University, with a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Sciences and a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy.

Studying, performing and competing as a ballet dancer from a very early age has given Alice a unique perspective and keen interest in dance and other sports related injuries and rehabilitation.

Alice also has a passion for the Osteopath's role in Women's Health particularly in areas of back and pelvic pain which formed the focus of her Master's Project.

Caroline Sanguinetti | Osteopath

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A graduate of Victoria University, Caroline is an Osteopath with a keen interest in sports injuries, rehabilitation and prevention. An active sports person away from the clinic, Caroline has followed this interest through to her studies having completed her Masters project investigating the influence of barefoot running, and other running styles, on the lower limb, pelvis and spine.

A practitioner with a broad focus, Caroline enjoys the diversity that working in a multidisciplinary clinic brings, treating all kinds of complaints, including headaches and jaw-related issues.

Outside of her clinic time, Caroline continues to play netball and regularly participates in fun runs, having completed the Melbourne Half Marathon in 2013.

Emily Sanguinetti | Osteopath

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Emily is an Osteopath with over a decades worth of experience treating a wide range of complaints including back pain, neck pain, postural pain, pregnancy related pain, headaches, jaw pain, arthritic pain in the older population, as well as many musculoskeletal complaints in children.

Emily recognizes the importance of developing the correct treatment plan for both the patient's symptomatic relief and ongoing health and wellbeing, according to their individual needs.

Having worked alongside experienced practitioners of many modalities, Emily has a broad understanding of the limitations of manual therapy and when referral and co-management may be necessary in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. In addition to manual therapy, Emily incorporates exercise prescription, postural and lifestyle advice into her management strategies, having undertaken further studies in Clinical Pilates and Nutritional Medicine

Lachlan White | Osteopath

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Lachlan is a registered Osteopath with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). A friendly and enthusiastic practitioner, Lachlan has a passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and maximise their performance. He has a wide range of experience, including practicing in various specialist clinics in London.

Lachlan has an interest in treating patients with acute and chronic pain conditions, including headaches, neck and back pain and assisting in the management of chronic and degenerative disease. Injury prevention is also a focus.

Lachlan develops tailored rehabilitation and exercise programs to help individuals achieve their goals. In addition to manual therapy, Lachlan incorporates exercises and postural and lifestyle advice into his treatment sessions.

When he isn't working in the clinic, Lachlan can be found attending sporting events, playing team sports and keeping active in the gym.

Travis Bateman | Osteopath

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Travis is an Osteopath and the founder of CSSM.

With a special interest in movement analysis, Travis' core philosophy is that there is no right or wrong way to how we move. So taking a one size fits all approach to movement is counterproductive. Rather an approach that combines biomechanics, functional anatomy, an understanding of the individual themselves and the environment in which they perform is the key to performance gains, injury management and future injury prevention.

This is particularly true for young and growing bodies. Having competed in sport from a young age, Travis understands the unique demands placed on the bodies of growing athletes and gains satisfaction in helping the stars of the future pursue their dreams of success. Travis' career highlights include his experiences working with junior elite athletes who have gone on to become Olympians and AFL footballers.

Having himself returned to sport over recent years, Travis can be found trail running, mountain biking and swimming during his spare time. Enjoying a new perspective as an athlete from the back of the pack.