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Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function. They use a variety of techniques to assess, diagnose and treat injuries in the musculoskeletal system.

Physiotherapy helps muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints work to their full potential and can help repair damage to the musculoskeletal system by speeding up the healing process and reducing pain and stiffness.

There are three phases of injury that Physiotherapists’ focus on - preventative, corrective and rehabilitative.

Treatment may involve exercise programs to improve mobility and strengthen muscles, joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, and muscle re-education to improve control.

Whether it’s a sudden accident or injury arising from sport or work, preparing for an event such as childbirth or a sporting goal, pre and post-surgery, even general ageing - the aim is to develop a treatment plan to get your body in peak condition.

Physiotherapists’ are highly trained professionals. Further to hands-on treatment, their extensive biomechanical knowledge means they can advise on how to restore the normal function of your body, prevent problems from reoccurring and maximise performance goals.

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