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Alice England | Osteopath

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Alice started off as a Nurse before her interests diverted to Osteopathy. She obtained her qualifications from Victoria University, with a Bachelor Degree in Clinical Sciences and a Masters of Health Science in Osteopathy.

Studying, performing and competing as a ballet dancer from a very early age has given Alice a unique perspective and keen interest in dance and other sports related injuries and rehabilitation.

Alice also has a passion for the Osteopath's role in Women's Health particularly in areas of back and pelvic pain which formed the focus of her Master's Project.

Alice Tulloch | Physiotherapist

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Alice comes to CSSM with experience working as the team physiotherapist for the under 21 Victorian Hockey team as well as the Randwick City Saints (Aussie Rules).

Alice is well qualified with an undergraduate Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology from the University of Melbourne as well as a Post Graduate Doctor of Physiotherapy degree from Macqaurie University.

During her studies, Alice completed a systematic review that highlighted the improvement yoga had on mental well being and quality of life for adults over the age of 60. She is particularly interested in clinical pilates and paediatric physiotherapy conditions.

Alice believes in tailoring treatment to the individual and educating patients so they can understand their condition and take an active role in their treatment.

Away from the clinic, she loves trail walking, travel, the beach, and trying out new cafes and restaurants around Melbourne.

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Caroline Sanguinetti | Osteopath

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A graduate of Victoria University, Caroline is an Osteopath with a keen interest in sports injuries, rehabilitation and prevention. An active sports person away from the clinic, Caroline has followed this interest through to her studies having completed her Masters project investigating the influence of barefoot running, and other running styles, on the lower limb, pelvis and spine.

A practitioner with a broad focus, Caroline enjoys the diversity that working in a multidisciplinary clinic brings, treating all kinds of complaints, including headaches and jaw-related issues.

Outside of her clinic time, Caroline continues to play netball and regularly participates in fun runs, having completed the Melbourne Half Marathon in 2013.

Emily Sanguinetti | Osteopath

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Emily is an Osteopath with over a decades worth of experience treating a wide range of complaints including back pain, neck pain, postural pain, pregnancy related pain, headaches, jaw pain, arthritic pain in the older population, as well as many musculoskeletal complaints in children.

Emily recognizes the importance of developing the correct treatment plan for both the patient's symptomatic relief and ongoing health and wellbeing, according to their individual needs.

Having worked alongside experienced practitioners of many modalities, Emily has a broad understanding of the limitations of manual therapy and when referral and co-management may be necessary in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. In addition to manual therapy, Emily incorporates exercise prescription, postural and lifestyle advice into her management strategies, having undertaken further studies in Clinical Pilates and Nutritional Medicine

Genevieve Scott | Podiatrist

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Genevieve graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Podiatry degree with Honours in 2005. She has a diverse range of clinical experience including sports medicine, paediatrics and surgery. Whether it’s an acute sporting injury like ‘turf toe’ or plantar fasciitis, toe walking in children or a more chronic condition such as arthritic foot pain or diabetic foot care, Genevieve loves the challenge of improving someone’s lifestyle and wellbeing.

As a busy mother of three children Genevieve has a friendly and practical approach to her profession. She is passionate about fostering a love of sport and promoting a healthy lifestyle for children and adults alike.

Reflecting the Camberwell Sports and Spinal Medicine philosophy of aiming to offer the best expertise, Genevieve utilises a wide range of assessment tools including video gait analysis and endeavours to offer a range of treatment options to improve function and relieve pain for her patients.

James Unkles | Podiatrist

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James completed his Bachelor of Health Sciences with Masters in Podiatric Practice at La Trobe University, with a keen interest in musculoskeletal conditions, acute sports injuries and biomechanical conditions. This combined with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin University provides an extensive understanding of the lower limb.

An active member of both the Hockey and Surf Lifesaving movements in Victoria, this takes up lots of his time away from the clinic. As a state level Hockey player and an international umpire, James understands the stresses both mentally and physically of elite sport and how injuries can impact on performance.

Having sustained many foot and ankle injuries himself, James understands the importance of tailored rehabilitation programs to return to activity pain free and prevent further complications for all patients from early to advanced ages.

Jennie Carson | Pilates

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Jennie moved from Liverpool in the UK to Melbourne in 2011 lured by the great Australian lifestyle. "I discovered Pilates three years ago and thought it was interesting, fun and I could feel improvements and strengthening within a couple of months," she says.

Wanting to learn more about Pilates to further her own skill level turned into a career change.

Jennie has completed both her Certificate IV and Diploma of Clinical Pilates.

"I love my new career as a Pilates instructor, helping people improve fitness and mobility to allow their body to function more effectively," she says.

When she's not teaching Pilates, Jennie loves to travel, trying new restaurants and spending time with her husband and friends in Melbourne.

Julien Devin | Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

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Julien is a qualified Myotherapist trained at RMIT. He was drawn to Myotherapy for its hands on approach to the treatment of muscular conditions and its focus on injury prevention.

Despite having worked in elite sport environments such as the Melbourne United Basketball Team, his interests go beyond the sporting field. Julien is interested in promoting the sensible ergonomic and postural habits that affect our everyday activities.

Whether treatment is sought due to the effects of extreme physical activity, accidents or poor posture. Julien’s focus is on working together to find the techniques specific for each individual to maintain positive habits and feel in control of their bodies once more.

Originally from Paris, France, Julien has a keen interest in sports, particularly soccer. He is a lifetime supporter of the Paris Saint Germaine Football team - despite their enduring lack of success.

Kelsey Thomas | Myotherapist & Remedial Massage

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Kelsey is an experienced Myotherapist having worked in clinical environments since 2014. A graduate of RMIT, Kelsey employs a hands-on approach when treating muscular pains and joint dysfunction, complementing treatment outcomes with modalities such as; cupping, dry needling, trigger point therapy, and taping.

17 years of dance training, 12 years of tennis and 7 years of competitive rock climbing have fuelled Kelsey's interest in sport and associated injuries. While sport is her passion, she believes that creating solid foundations of strength and rehabilitation are key components in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, whether you work in an office or as an elite athlete.

Away from work, Kelsey is an avid participator in rock climbing and has competed in both state and national events.

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Kim Van Hoorn | Pilates

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15 years of intensive dance training and an extensive interest in human movement, health and fitness lead Kim to qualify as an Osteopath, graduating in 2002. After working in private practice as an Osteopath, Kim decided to take time out of the profession to raise her young family.

Despite taking a break from working as an Osteopath, Kim has maintained her interest in health by undergoing studies in Personal Training and Pilates and now practices in the area of Pilates, strength and conditioning training and rehabilitation.

Taking an evidence based approach to exercise. Kim has first-hand knowledge in the role pilates can play in pre and post-natal health but also has extensive experience treating and rehabilitating AFL and dance injuries.

Now with more free time, Kim is currently in the process of reskilling in order to regain her registration as an Osteopath.

Kobi Phelan | Physiotherapist

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Kobi is a physiotherapist and a strong advocate for the role of exercise therapy in the prevention and management of musculoskeletal conditions.

A graduate of the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at the University of Melbourne, Kobi also holds a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science.

Kobi understands the importance of tailoring treatment and rehabilitation to each patient on an individual basis when returning to sport and activity. With this in mind, Kobi places high importance on actively involving her patients in the design and implementation of their injury rehabilitation.

It is the problem in this process that motivates Kobi in clinical practice.

In her spare time Kobi enjoys playing netball, going to the footy, Pilates, taking her dog for a run and being outdoors as much as possible.

Lachlan White | Osteopath

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Lachlan is a registered Osteopath with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). A friendly and enthusiastic practitioner, Lachlan has a passion for helping individuals achieve optimal health and maximise their performance. He has a wide range of experience, including practicing in various specialist clinics in London.

Lachlan has an interest in treating patients with acute and chronic pain conditions, including headaches, neck and back pain and assisting in the management of chronic and degenerative disease. Injury prevention is also a focus.

Lachlan develops tailored rehabilitation and exercise programs to help individuals achieve their goals. In addition to manual therapy, Lachlan incorporates exercises and postural and lifestyle advice into his treatment sessions.

When he isn't working in the clinic, Lachlan can be found attending sporting events, playing team sports and keeping active in the gym.

Megan Dickinson | Physiotherapist

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Senior Physiotherapist
Clinical Pilates Lead

Megan is a graduate of James Cook University. Since graduating Megan has worked with both recreational and elite athletes in both the private practice setting and within sporting teams/clubs. She gained exposure to the elite environment through her involvement with both the North Queensland Men's Premiere league Soccer & the Richmond Football Club and has a current involvement with Melbourne's Nike Run club.

Megan is a firm believer that "Movement is medicine" to create a healthy mind and a healthy body. In supporting her views on holistic health and wellbeing, Megan has also completed further study in sports nutrition and has become a strong advocate for all things health, food & fitness.

As a Physio, Megan has developed a love for teaching Pilates & a passion for exercise based rehabilitation. She has taken further study in clinical Pilates, running biomechanics & retraining and assessing and treating lower limb injuries, more specifically the hip & knee. Megan also has a strong interest in the role that core stability plays with preventing back pain and lower limb injuries when returning patients to sport as well as it's important role in women's health and creating awareness of the pelvic floor both pre and post pregnancy.

Megan is a lover of movement & vitamin D. She lives and breathes the beach life, is a keen runner, yoga addict and has more recently found a love for surfing. Outside of that Megan loves travelling and adventures with friends, she enjoys getting home to her family in the country and is a keen Tigers supporter.

Sam Bugeja | Physiotherapist

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Sam is a titled Sports Physiotherapist with two decades of experience. He obtained a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with honors from the University of Melbourne and went on to complete a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy at Latrobe University.

Through his work as a Sports Physiotherapist he has gained a wealth of experience by working with amateur and professional athletes. Sam's sports physio experience is primarily with soccer having worked with Melbourne Victory for a number of years. He has also worked with AFL players and teams in the VAFA. His training and experience has lead him to a treatment approach based on exercise therapy which aims to optimize movement patterns and tissue strength whilst eliminating pain. In addition to exercise Sam uses a variety of manual therapy techniques.

Sam's main area of clinical expertise is the treatment of knee injuries. This includes post-operative knee rehab, ACL rehab, patella dislocations, patellofemoral joint pain and knee osteoarthritis. He also has a special interest in treating exercise related lower limb injuries, back pain, hip pain and shoulder injuries.

Outside of work Sam enjoys strength training and running, but mostly chasing his kids.

Travis Bateman | Osteopath

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Travis is an Osteopath and the founder of CSSM.

With a special interest in movement analysis, Travis' core philosophy is that there is no right or wrong way to how we move. So taking a one size fits all approach to movement is counterproductive. Rather an approach that combines biomechanics, functional anatomy, an understanding of the individual themselves and the environment in which they perform is the key to performance gains, injury management and future injury prevention.

This is particularly true for young and growing bodies. Having competed in sport from a young age, Travis understands the unique demands placed on the bodies of growing athletes and gains satisfaction in helping the stars of the future pursue their dreams of success. Travis' career highlights include his experiences working with junior elite athletes who have gone on to become Olympians and AFL footballers.

Having himself returned to sport over recent years, Travis can be found trail running, mountain biking and swimming during his spare time. Enjoying a new perspective as an athlete from the back of the pack.

Trevor Spencer | Physiotherapist

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Trevor Spencer comes to CSSM with a Degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Deakin University as well as a Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Canberra.

With a history as an elite athlete it is not surprising that Trevor has a keen interest in Sports Physiotherapy. Adapting his understanding of sports specific biomechanics to address the root cause of his client's injuries as part of a tailored return to sport or post-operative rehabilitation program.

Trevor says that is seeing his patients achieving their goals, no matter how modest, that gives him the most satisfaction.

A keen cyclist, Trevor has competed at national and international level. Outside of work he still enjoys cycling and being outdoors.

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Vaughan Ackland | Podiatrist

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Educated at the University of South Australia, Vaughan has gained a wide range of clinical experiences since completing his studies and moving to Melbourne in 1998. Sporting and family commitments helped to shape his core range of clinical interests.

Originally drawn to Podiatry after having his own knee pain cured by orthotic management, Vaughan values how much more enjoyment can be gained from sports when you have no pain associated with playing them. Likewise through watching his three children's development, Vaughan is determined to minimise any pain associated within childhood development.

Vaughan's philosophy regarding treatment is to address the cause of the pain biomechanically, and instill a treatment plan that will enhance every patient's enjoyment of life's endeavours.